Farmington, MI – Downtown Farmington is eager to build an entrepreneurial culture and has found a powerful ally in The MORE Program (Matching Opportunities and Resources for Entrepreneurs Program), a U.S. Department of Labor funded 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by the New Economy Initiative.  The MORE Program, based in Detroit, developed InsYght, the intuitive, web-based tool designed to match Michigan entrepreneurs with the business-building resources that they urgently need. 

At no cost to the city, Downtown Farmington (the Downtown Development Authority) has partnered with The MORE Program to provide free access to the InsYght resource matchmaking platform to any entrepreneur who visits the Downtown Farmington website at

 Additional InsYght portal partners include WSU’s TechTown, the Brightmoor Alliance, the City of Novi, and Walsh College.  After accessing InsYght, entrepreneurs then type in what their business needs … anything from office space to accounting help, and InsYght instantly provides them with listings of available resources that most closely match the startup’s need, both substantively and geographically.

“Downtown Farmington is an innovative, resourceful community with very strong and impressive entrepreneurial outreach capabilities,” states MORE Program Executive Director Ken Agacinski, “And we couldn’t be more thrilled than to have InsYght available to their citizens, free of charge, on the Downtown Farmington website.  With thousands of easy-to-find catalogued resources, InsYght will help Downtown Farmington-affiliated entrepreneurs find exactly what they need, almost instantly, to turn their big ideas into real, money-making businesses.”

“InsYght is destined to become a valuable service to our business community,”  explained Annette Knowles, Farmington DDA Executive Director.  “Too often, finding resources can seem daunting, but InsYght has made it simple to gain access to thousands of worthwhile business assistance programs.  We are proud to partner with the MORE Program to offer this beneficial tool that will help our businesses grow.”

At full strength, InsYght will serve as a portal to over 26,000 available resources for Michigan entrepreneurs. Says Agacinski, “InsYght can direct you to the organizations that have the exact resources you need to help your business. Do you need information about how to incorporate?  Ask InsYght and in seconds you’ll know where to find it.  Or lab space?  Certain chemicals?  Skilled workers?  Ask InsYght, and you’ll have full access to Michigan’s many resources.”

For nearly a year, The MORE Program has been gathering data on resources throughout the state.  To use InsYght, the user accesses the system through the portal and creates a profile of his or her company, including the desired resources, from workspace to human capital.  InsYght does the rest, supplying specific information to connect the user to the available resources.

InsYght is free and available to anyone looking to start or grow their business in Michigan. Soon it will be accessible on the websites of many, if not all, of the organizations whose resources are included in the system.

For additional information regarding InsYght and The MORE Program, please contact Mike Gentile at 313-223-4402.