Farmington, MI. (March 10, 2016).  The Farmington Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors elected new officers for the forthcoming year at its annual meeting on Wednesday, March 3, 2016.  Taking the reins as President is long-time Salon Legato stylist Rachel Gallagher.  Joining her on the leadership team are residents Sean Murphy, Vice-President, and Agnes Skrzycki, Secretary.

Gallagher was first appointed to the DDA Board in February, 2014, and has been an active participant on the Downtown Parking Advisory Committee.  She previously served as Vice-President under former President Tom Buck, who remains on the board after a recent four-year reappointment.  Although relatively newer to the Board, Gallagher is no stranger to the DDA, having volunteered in various capacities over the years.

“I am very excited about this opportunity.  I’ve been involved with the DDA since its inception in 1986, when I was sixteen years old.  I look forward to working with the city council to effect progress in Downtown Farmington,” Gallagher exclaimed.

Buck had positive comments to describe his tenure in a leadership role. “I was very pleased to have an opportunity to serve as President of the Board for the past year following on the path of my fellow past presidents of the last decade Melissa Andrade, Bob Rock, Greg Cowley and Dirk Beamer,” he stated.

“The progress in our downtown over this decade has been enormous and to be part of the change and growth has been hard work and also invigorating and fun. We continue to work to grow the downtown business environment through retention and recruitment activities, streetscapes, improving the park and pavilion and always working to get the word out about our great downtown. Thanks to all the board members I have served with over the past dozen years and thanks to city council for reappointment to the board,” he continued.

Among Gallagher’s first actions as President were leading the board through discussions about forthcoming work plans and the budget and praising volunteers at the DDA’s annual appreciation event.