‘Spooky but playful’: Grand Raven Festival returns to downtown Farmington

In the late summer of 2020, Arthur the Raven arrived in downtown Farmington — albeit very slowly. Named for Arthur Power, the Quaker settler that first settled Farmington in 1824, Arthur is the creation of Leila Mullison, a stop-motion animation artist and Farmington native. It takes Mullison roughly 45 to 90 minutes of filming the Arthur puppet to produce just 30 seconds of stop-motion animation.

Fashioned from armature wire, epoxy putty, and the cardboard from a box of Two Hearted Ale, Arthur has returned to downtown Farmington for another year of the Grand Raven Festival. The month-long festival, a spooky but family-friendly affair, opens on Friday, Oct. 1, and runs through the end of the month. The Grand Raven Festival draws its inspiration from the famous Edgar Allen Poe poem, a Halloween classic.

Mullison’s Arthur videos were a big hit last year, the festival’s first. Mullison filmed Arthur at various locales throughout downtown Farmington, charming clips that were then shared by the Farmington Downtown Development Authority and their social media pages. Expect a new series of Arthur videos to debut throughout the duration of this year’s festival.
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