Dearborn Music: Ranked in the 10 Great Record Stores in America
These places matter. Go spend time in them. Maybe buy a record or two...

Written By Jolie Lash 

The world may be getting more and more digital (NFTs — more like no fucking thanks), but record stores are beloved Luddite-havens where music culture thrives. Mainstream stores pivoted out of the brick and mortar locales over the years, or closed altogether like Sam Goody, but not independent shops. Their dedicated owners understood their importance to music history and music scenes, serving as a spot to find old gems you’ve only heard about, discover something new, and even read the latest lovingly crafted zine.

Although they may seem like a relic of the 20th century, record stores are fountains of knowledge, staffed by die-hard music lovers dedicated to the tunes, the artists, and the vibes — from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In honor of the returning Record Store Day (June 12 and July 17), we’re taking a look at some of the greatest vinyl shops across the country to dive into. They’re places you can get lost for hours, and come out of finding new sides of yourself. We prefer the B side…

Dearborn Music, Detroit

This one’s another oldie, but goodie, having been in business since 1956. Open seven days a week, Dearborn is a packed shop, boasting over 50,000 titles in stock. Beyond the killer finds, they, too, have excellent merch, like game night fodder, branded totes, or knitted headgear because Michigan can get really, really cold.

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