KickstART Farmington wins grant for photo exhibit connecting Farmington and Farmington Hills

There’s a bit of a long running, hyper local joke shared between the communities of Farmington and Farmington Hills, says local resident Lindsay Janoch, where sometimes the borders between the neighboring communities can seem a little, well, fuzzy.

“We share things like the Arts Commission. We share a school district. I live in Farmington Hills but I consider downtown Farmington to be my downtown. And I’m also on the board for KickstART downtown,” Janoch says. “So we do a lot of things together but there’s still these distinct personalities between the two [communities].”

With so many of the events and gatherings that draw us together having been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, KickstART Farmington has come up with a new and creative way to bring people back together again. It’s called ONE: Two Cities, One Community, a photography exhibit featuring the diverse array of faces and voices of Farmington and Farmington Hills.

KickstART Farmington was recently awarded a $1,500 grant from the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs to help finance the project.
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