Family-owned pet shop to replace corporate chain in downtown Farmington

When the Tolonen family moved to the area about eight years ago, Angela, the mom, remembers walking around downtown Farmington, looking around and wondering if downtown could support a pet store. It turns out that she wasn’t the only one. Pet Valu, a corporate chain of pet stores, would open in 2018.

She was, as she puts it, “kicking herself.”

But late last year, Pet Valu announced that it was closing its Farmington location. It wouldn’t be the only one. A casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to reports at the time, Pet Valu announced the closing of 358 stores and warehouses across the Northeast and Midwest and the corporate headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

“When the closing signs went up, I thought, well, here’s my second chance. From my perspective, I saw a busy store and I was surprised that it was closing,” Angela says. “Then I found out that the store closing was more of a corporate decision and didn’t reflect that particular store’s success. So that was good news.”
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