Even in the cold, people still drawn to downtown Farmington
Shelby Tankersley | Hometownlife.com

Sure, it's cold. But with school out and many on vacation, people are anxious to be out of the house, so the Riley Park ice rink in downtown Farmington is popular as ever. 
Flame Heater on Grand River

“I do see that the ice rink is much more crowded this year, but that could be because of the pandemic," said Chris Burger, a manager for Dagwood's Deli and Catering, which is just a short walk from the outdoor rink. 

The presence of the rink, farmers marketsocial district and heating lamps meant to bring people downtown have helped keep business afloat during the pandemic. Three parents, Jennifer Brooks, Sarah Dickey and Paul Mitchell, grabbed some lunch at Dagwood's before taking their kids to the Riley rink for the afternoon. 
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