Meet the artist behind Arthur the Raven, a stop-motion animation series in downtown Farmington
Raven at Riley Park

A raven stands atop a table in Farmington’s Riley Park, attempting to drink from a coffee cup before knocking it over and watching it roll across.

The clip lasts about about 30 seconds, a brief moment of subtle whimsy in the midst of what appears to be a gorgeous day in downtown Farmington.

While the clip only lasts 30 seconds, it took Farmington native and stop-motion animation artist Leila Mullison much longer to make it. To produce a 30 second stop-motion video can take anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes, she says. And that’s not even counting pre- and post-production.

“Stop-motion animation is an art that’s making something of a comeback. There’s something about having this physical object out in the real world where most everything you see is digital these days,” Mullison says.

“I’m actually writing a thesis on stop-motion. There’s something magical about it.”
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