The Farmington DDA has received a grant for eligible existing downtown businesses impacted by the redevelopment of the Farmington State Savings Bank.  CLICK HERE for Grant Application

Downtown Business Promotion Sponsorship Program

The Farmington DDA offers this program to support the Downtown Farmington business community in the implementation of business-planned promotions and special events that benefit the entire downtown district and that do not compete with the current DDA events schedule.

Each fiscal year, the DDA will allocate funds to the program that will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those applicants with proposals that fit the goals of the program.

Download the complete program description and forms.

Façade Improvement Program
This program has resulted in several high-profile improvements in Downtown Farmington over the past few years with more projects anticipated.  The program is designed to encourage preservation of historic buildings and to promote business recruitment and retention.


The Farmington Downtown Development Authority will contribute funds to assist property owners revitalize exterior components of commercial buildings in the DDA district.  Eligible physical improvement projects must fall into one of several categories designed to improve the overall look and economic soundness of Downtown Farmington.


Funds are limited and are budgeted on a yearly basis.  Learn more about the Façade Improvement Program.

Sign Improvement Program
Signage is another key area that affects visual appeal for Downtown Farmington residents, shoppers and potential investors.  Great downtowns have character and much of that character is seen through the eyes of pedestrians.  They see the finer details of window displays, benches, building features and signs.


The Farmington DDA continues to work at enhancing the pedestrian experience by partnering with businesses as they upgrade one of the most important storefront images.  A merchant’s sign is an aerial welcome mat that helps attract customers.  With a generous match, the Farmington DDA hopes to encourage Downtown Farmington businesses to replace aging and noncompliant signs.


Three-dimensional, symbolic, projecting signs contribute to a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.  The pedestrian is a customer or potential customer.  The more inviting our downtown is, the better the chance they’ll come into your business.

Take a look at our Sign Incentive Program.


Design Assistance
Main Street Oakland County provides free design assistance to property and business owners in Main Street Oakland County Communities.  Assistance includes schematic façade drawings, recommendations, on-site consultation and much more.  Some restrictions apply. Contact  the Farmington Downtown Development Authority for more information.