Economic Restructuring COMMittee

Purpose - To gather and interpret market information while developing an economic development strategy for Downtown Farmington.

Recent Achievements

  • Developed a business recruitment packet.
  • Hosted a real estate brokers’ familiarization tour.
  • Hosted a four-part business retention series which included conversation on Web sites and social media.
  • Drafted a restaurant build-out loan incentive program.
  • Established a specialized group to focus solely on redevelopment.
  • Began research to create a business incubator project.

Short-term goals

  • Focus on the three Rs - Retention, Recruitment and Redevelopment
  • Downtown Farmington’s health is dependent upon Retention of current businesses.  We plan to work with them to determine needs and assist where we can.
  • Continue to analyze what new businesses would be most beneficial to our downtown then, develop plans to Recruit them.
  • Focus on opportunities to Redevelop Downtown Farmington.  Areas of need have been identified.  With cooperation from City of Farmington management and the Farmington Downtown Development Authority board of directors, ways to turn those ideas into projects are being discussed.

Members - Todd Craft, Kathy Griswold, Stephanie Clement, Steven Schneemann, Rachel Gallagher, Tom Pascaris, Agnes Skrzycki, Sean Murphy, Tom Buck

Design COMMittee

Purpose - To ensure Downtown Farmington continues to improve at being an aesthetically and functionally desirable destination for people and businesses.  We are also committed to maintaining a high standard for future generations of Farmington residents.

Recent Achievements

  • Implementation of new Downtown Farmington streetscape.
  • Reviewed and awarded grants for sign incentive program.
  • Reviewed and awarded grants for façade incentive program.

Short-Term Goals

Develop landscape standards for:

  • Plantings
  • Furniture
  • Paver material
  • Other visually impactful items

Members - Steven Schneemann, Chris Halas, Claire Perko, Brian Golden, Ken Crutcher, Ben

Organization COMMittee

Purpose - To build consensus and cooperation among the many groups and individuals who have a vital role in the revitalization process

Recent Achievements

  • Developed and implemented a volunteer recruitment and management program.
  • Hosted a successful recruitment fair and a well-attended recognition event.
  • Increased distribution area of award-winning newsletter, the Main Street Messenger, to over 22,000 addresses.
  • Added advertising to the Main Street Messenger.
  • Initiated the introduction of project management to assist in the work plan process.

Short-term goals

  • Complete the implementation of work planning using project management
  • Grow the volunteer base to support downtown projects
  • Streamline communication across all committees
  • Develop a strategic plan to expand sponsorship solicitation

Members - Todd Craft, Kathy Griswold, Stephanie Clement, Steven Schneemann, Rachel Gallagher, Tom Pascaris, Agnes Skrzycki, Sean Murphy, Tom Buck

Promotions COMMittee

Purpose - To tell the story of what's emerging and thriving in Downtown Farmington, as well as celebrate the history and success of our community through marketing, promotion and brand engagement.

Recent Achievements

  •  Partnered with Metromode for an intensive On the Ground series, to identify and capture the story of talent, investment, small business, innovation and emerging assets that are shaping the future of Downtown Farmington.  Reached more than half a million readers through story engagement distribution with Issue Media Group's digital platform to a statewide Michigan audience.

Short-term goals

  • Expand the reach of Downtown Farmington's story and community brand
  • Celebrate the unique experience of downtown through partnership with Main Street

Members- Sean Murphy, Chris Halas, Jean Harper, Carl Johnson


Purpose - To execute the goals and priorities outlined in the Public Art Blueprint.  The committee also seeks out new opportunities and facilitates public art partnerships within and around Farmington.

Recent Achievements
Since its inception, the committee has launched an outdoor sculpture exhibit, mural project, facilitated live art installations, and is currently coordinating several other partner initiatives.

  • David Barr Sculpture Exhibit- The Farmington Downtown Development Authority Public Art Committee has initiated a public art installation in partnership with the City of Novi and Villa Barr. Three sculptures from renowned artist, David Barr, are on loan from the City of Novi and will be housed temporarily in downtown Farmington. These sculptures are part of a larger project to program public art in and around the Farmington community as outlined in the DDA’s Public Art Blueprint.


  • Park


  • John Martin Mural Project- The Public Art Committee launched a mural project in
    the spring of 2018 jurying submissions from several local artists.  John
    Martin, Farmington Hills artist in residence, was chosen by the committee to
    create a piece unique to the community.  The committee asked artists to
    submit murals designs under the theme “Cultivating Community” in reference to
    the City of Farmington. Participating artists were encouraged to use the local
    neighborhood and culture as inspiration for their design, which is highly apparent
    in John Martin's design pictured below.  This first mural, 8' by
    36', was installed in December 2018 on the north elevation of the CVS
    building at Farmington Road and State Street, where it greets visitors with a
    colorful statement of local culture 
  • underground_railroad
  • Doug Delind Interactive Community Mural-  Downtown Farmington held an interactive booth at ART on the GRAND with artist Doug Delind. The public had the opportunity to press and design individual clay tiles, which the artist Doug Delind will use to inspire and include within a totemic public art installation for Downtown Farmington.
  • Doug Delind 2     Faces of Farmington at Legato

Short-term goals- Call for artists: Downtown Farmington seeks mural for exterior of historic Civic Theater.  Click here for the application.

Members - AJ Cooke, Todd Craft (DDA Liasion and Committee Chair), Tom Buck, Rachel Gallagher, Dwayne Hayes, Micki Skrzcki, Cathi Waun, Lydia Macklin-Camel, Suzanna Smenkowski



Purpose - Plan and execute Downtown Farmington's annual Harvest Moon Celebration.

Recent Achievements-
The Harvest Moon Committee successfully executed Harvest Moon 2019 on September 19th - 21st 2019!  This was Downtown Farmington's largest profit and highest attended Harvest Moon ever.  The team added a third full evening of fun in 2019 and  plans to continue with three nights in 2020!

Short-term goals- Secure sponsorship, volunteers, and plan for 2020.

Members - Kathy Griswold, Sean Murphy, Jeff Abdelnour, Chris Barr, MJ Hrutkay, Sean O'Reilly